Posted by: Ian | April 17, 2009

This Oppresive Regime

So what will be the legacy of twelve years of New Labour? Two stories in the press today summarize it quite nicely I thought:

Council ‘snooping powers’ to be reviewed

There are supposedly 42 million CCTV cameras in the UK making sure we all stay in line, and add to this the vast number of speed cameras. No-one has abused this more than local councils, but the very idea that an elected representative has the right to make an exective decision about which bits of my private life can be spied upon and when I can be summarily fined because of those cameras is a stench that permeates the entire modern body politic.

Arrested MP ‘told he faced life’

There is probably little in politics that I would find to agree on with Damian Green, but again we have an example of the Exectuve over-reaching themselves, and trampling upon an elected parliamentarian. Here is his interview


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