Posted by: Ian | April 27, 2009

The Privatisation of Big Brother

Just when we thought that this government were going to get all 1984 on us and store every bit on inernet communication we make, Comrade Smith announced that she was kindly ruling out a database of this kind. How considerate of her to let us keep our right to privacy (although this is the government that considered retrospective legislation to break a contract, so as Comrade Harman implied, ‘laws can be changed’).

However, rather than a super-database of chatroom lurking, illicit google searches and inane facebook status updates the Ministry of Love is going to compel private companies to keep a record of who does what, contacts whom, and what social network sites they frequent.

According to the BBC:

The Home Office will instead ask communications companies – from internet service providers to mobile phone networks – to extend the range of information they currently hold on their subscribers and organise it so that it can be better used by the police, MI5 and other public bodies investigating crime and terrorism. Ministers say they estimate the project will cost £2bn to set up, which includes some compensation to the communications industry for the work it may be asked to do.

So our surveillance society marches on, our liberty is suffering a death by a thousand cuts and we still don’t do anything about it.



  1. The fusing of state power and corporate power continues unabated.

  2. Good to see the spirit of Winstanley survives !

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