Posted by: Ian | May 6, 2009

So who should I vote for?

The elections that promise world-changing significance are upon next month, as we elect the rubber-stampers to the parasites-in-chief over in Brussels/Strasbourg. But, in this and the local elections, I am genuinely stumped as to who to vote for.

During this current economic situation, not one of the major parties had the balls to ask whether it was the system itself that was broke. They all bleated on about improving access to credit (trans. “debt”) to improve liquidity in the market. In other words – we all need to keep banging our credit cards to get the economy going again – sound advice in never (never) land.

I think I may start self-harming if I have to continue to listen to party leaders go on about ‘hard-working families’. I am married, have kids and would fit into this apparent demographic. But what I think they are talking about are the people who bought into the lie that living on credit-cards and remortgages to finance an idyllic surbaban lifestyle centred around the right to perfect schoolsnhospitals and property-porn would go on for ever as if it was their right. Bollocks.

The EU is the antithesis of what it means to be libertarian-left. It is a centralised, undemoncratic, unwieldy, cash-hungry institution that is so remote from people that it is probably the best example of what subsidiarity is not!




But seriously, why would I vote for a bunch of nannying, statist, smug, superior, power-hungry piggies who have bled the country dry and in the midst of the chaos still think that launching the oppressive, cash-hungry, useless ID Card scheme is a good idea?



So Cameron talks a good game about liberty, equality etc – but he is still wedded to monetarism and the Thatcherite principle of Laissez-faire economics, and is convinced that globalised capitalism is a good thing. And with unreformed Thatcherites such as Daniel Hannan running things in Europe for them … forget it!


Liberal Democrats

I had such hopes for Nick Clegg. His speech at the party conference actually gave me hope we might get a genuine liberal leader of the lib-dems. But he has stayed the course on economics, along with the other two hoons, and they are fading fast again.

Green Party

Their principles are great – but they are falling into the same trap as Labour, in believing that a top-down legislative approach is the way forward. Statism is the acceptable face of democratic tyranny and I sincerely hope that they realise this and embrace a libertarian approach to progressive politics.


Dear God, no! I don’t think I have ever met a more unpleasant bunch of xenophobes in my life (obviously apart from the BNP, who I cannot even bring myself to link to here – sorry!). Can Comrade Smith exclude them as well?


So, the Digger is left with no-one I can vote for. Is the reasoned choice, to not vote at all?



  1. fraid so old chap.

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