Posted by: Ian | May 8, 2009

Can you claim for light bulbs?

So at last we start to see what the piggies have been eating in their trough – and the rest of us can feast for the next few days on the gory details. The Telegraph obtained (probably from the list that was doing the rounds for the highest bidder) uncensored details for the entire cabinet. Rumour is that they also have the opposition front-bench ready to roll in the next few days as well, so we can see what they need to claim whilst living in Notting Hill!

Here are my highlights for the morning:

The Minister for Chipmunks (Comrade Blears) claimed £5000 on three separate homes over three years, including 2 TV sets – claiming it was all in withing the rules – set by MPs, of course.

Our uncultured Culture Secretary (Andy Burnham) claimed Stamp Duty on a property sale – again within the rules.

The ex-prince of darkness (now a sort of queen of the warm glow) Lord Mandelson claimed for improvements, the week after announcing he stood down, to a house he later sold a a profit of £136,000.

Our Prime Mentalist claimed for light bulbs in his children’s bedroom – I assume he must has smashed them with a flying Nokia.

The classic circular statist defence is nicely deployed here: We make the rules that we haven’t broken.

Trebles all round as Lord Gnome might say.



  1. Yeah, It’s really a great challenge, but I will try for the same.

  2. Our Prime Mentalist

    This is the sort of crap I expect to read on Quido Fawkes no a supposedly Libertarian Socialist site. Using Mental as an attack word is poor, v poor indeed. Think about the stigma the mentally ill put up with and then write a proper socialist blog.

  3. Hey – I am not a socialist. Left-Libertarian politics is a rejection of both capitalism and socialism as ‘big story’ solutions. The clue is in the word ‘libertarian’ – kind of the opposite of statism.

    You may be rightabout the word mental – but the rest still stands. One word does not negate the rest of it.

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